Saturday, November 21, 2009


"awak kena redha,awak tahu kan atuk awak dah macam mana?''
"Saya tahu,saya faham tak lama dah kak"

conversation between me and the nurse two weeks ago.
The bleeding inside his bladder is getting worst,the cancer has took over his body rapidly, all the medicine made him delusion, seeing the unseens thing. Sometimes I whisper to him,to recite any Quranic verse he could remember.

Worst of all he forget us,the family.

I'll be on a bus any minute from now.
To see my loves one who still lying on hospital bed.
No, it is not my intention to wrote all these sad stories in mylife.
It just that..
Things happen has made me really realize how the world is only a transit for us.
Yes, I admit a good person I'm not.
I enjoy life as much as I can.
I loves the love one as much as I can.
I remember who I am as always as I can.
My roots has build who I am today.
My past has teach me a lot to love and to appreciate those who loves you.

He is a caregiver, father,grandfather.
Please stay a bit longer Atuk..


mOEha Aziz said...

salam akim,

i'll pray for him... if it's best for him to stay, we'll pray so that Allah shall grant him more time... if it's not.., we'll pray for him to be placed among the loved ones in the the lord's arm... b strong dear

Anonymous said...

he'll be fine. or else lets pray for him to be just fine. be strong. :)